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Learn. Practice. Upgrade

Counselling Diploma is a conscious step towards Continuous Education Program that is developed to add new skills & anchor concepts from depth psychology and alchemy within the domain of Neuro-linguistics and Gestalt therapy.

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Counselling, therapy, coaching and all these terms that are and those that will evolve in times to come. It is an art and there is a definite science to it. I say art, because it takes the mastery of the science behind and has got formulas and clear structures. 

This course aims at unfolding the clear structures, intervention tools, somatic resource building and ultimately ecology checks


Client's cognitive world &

somatic response


Probe with intervention



Secondary gain & Positive intention


Laying out the equation

mapping the missing link


Resource building, time travel & ecology check


Resolution of client & dissolution of therapist

This is an inclusive approach of bringing to the field the work I learnt from Richard (Dick) McHugh, Judith delozier, Robert Dilts and John Grinder. It is a conceptual, experiential and research based approach from contemporary psychology, that which has traveled over time from some classic approaches of gestalt therapy, the interplay of constellation roles, concepts of Transactional analysis, and deep alchemy of Jung through metaphors and archetypes. 

Counselling Diploma

Continuous Education Program

This program develops professionals of mental health who are skilled in a broad range of work in the field of therapy, coaching and counselling; including psychotherapy, assessment, supervision, and consultation, as well as integrative approaches to health, which are informed by the structure of Neuro-Linguisitc perspectives through a psycho-dynamic lens.

It is an innovative specialisation that re-imagines approaches to therapeutic practice, enhances and supports the intervention work of students, and integrates the essential perspectives of neuro-linguistics and in the view of inclusive & integrated approaches.

This course will provide a theoretical foundation and practitioner training in the contemporary techniques of therapeutic intervention, which will enhance the students towards mastery of the subject. 

This course provides a seamless journey from beginner to qualified practitioner in experiential, theoretical and research based work in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice.

At the end of the course, you will complete core modules in experiential theory and professional practice skills.

  • Learn systemic, structured and formula-based therapeutic skills.

  • Learn tools to evaluate blocks in the clients preventing linguistic narratives.

  • Inventory through the concept to challenge the current model, discover resources and support growth & change.

  • learn the inclusive approach of contemporary transformation and change work 

  • Explore the thin line between pathology and norm.

  • Learn tools to research and publish a paper 

2023, Jan to Oct


5 Modules  (135 hour)

Each Module of 12 hours
(60 hours)

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45 hours of academia

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30 hours of Assessment prog.

(peer review, Literature, meta analysis
& personal therapy)

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Online Access for one week after the live class for review & revision.


Take The Classroom 

All courses are completely online & live. These are not recorded sessions. there would be additional practice work and study Materials.

5 hours live classroom online curriculum backed with extra assignments.

Pay as you go,

₹ 6900/- per month for 14 months 

135 hours of rigorous training and intensive practice.


Structure & Program 

A Certificate course designed to dive deep into the subject of personal learning, skill development, therapeutic intervention and career progression.

  • Fee INR. 6900/- Per month

  • 60 Hours of Live - Online Class.

  • Peer Work, Assignments and Exercise.

  • Crib notes and Study Materials.

  • Personal Therapy, Literature Review and Research  work.

  • Certificate issued after completion of the peer assigned activities.

  • Each Module is spaced out over two months.

  • There would be regular interaction on updates so that there is sufficient time for learning, practice and intervention.

  • Each module is a set of tools that participants will learn by observation and then practice it among groups.

The classes are held Live-Online across one week end of each month from Jan 1st to Oct 30th (Time: TBA) in a relaxed atmosphere where the informal format ensures that all aspects of a topic are covered with plenty of time for clarification.
All the live sessions would be be recorded and available to review for a period of 10 days.

1. Research certification with DOI number 
2. Accreditation certificate from IJNGP 
3. Course completion certificate from AT fellowship for
    continued education and career progression 


After completing the course, you will get Triple certificate.

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Course Outline

05 Modules & 135 Hours

Module 1

Jan to Feb | 2023

Archetypic Constellation Structure & Movement Gestalt.

Module 2

Mar to Apr | 2023

Coaching Model, an Intervention tool on Neurological alignment for counseling psychology.

Module 4

Jul to Aug | 2023

Trauma impact, transcendence and healing - behavioural response and how to desensitize it

Module 5

Sept to Oct | 2023

Clinical approaches and case interventions, breaking of the gestalt cycle.

Module 3

May to Jun | 2023

Inner Landscape {Texture, Threshold, Archetypic roles and Mythic realities}

Tentative Dates for Live Sessions with Anil Thomas

Course Duration January 2023 to October 2023

Jan 14th - 15th                            Feb 4th - 5th                          Mar 4th-5th                             Apr 22st-23nd                          May 6th-7th

Jun 23rd - 24th                         Jul 28th - 29th                        Aug 18th-19th                         Sep 22nd-23rd                       Oct 20th-21st


Students would be assessed in a variety of ways including: written essays/articles/ literature-review, group and individual presentations, practice, observations, recorded evaluations and dissertation/viva. 

Assessments would be carried out by tutors, mentors, peers and self.

Personal Therapy will be an integral part of the assessment program, each member would be partaking in the systemic process. 


You must complete and get required score in all assessment tasks to be conferred upon by the ‘Practitioner’s Diploma’ and to be a continued member of the red-wood community. You will be required to take a Readiness to Practice examination. 

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For information regarding practitioner's diploma please contact  +91 8097889619 or

'Counselling Diploma' is a Continuous Education Program, to learn & acquire new skills in therapy and psychology

This is a detailed course on developing skills, learning the newest tools and anchoring the concepts of deep psychology and alchemy. Spread over three months, each module is well thought and designed to equip participants with the tools necessary to take to their professional life and personal relations. 
There are five such modules, each that is programmed too run at different timelines. 


Your journey with us

The Practitioner’s Diploma in Contemporary Therapeutic Techniques and Integrated Counselling Skills  (CTT & ICS) is for students interested in exploring the structures and its specialisation in the filed of Neurolinguistics and Gestalt Therapy and the universal principles and organising patterns that form the definite model for intervention of any form to elicit and animate human experience from the depths of the collective unconscious, past events and imagined augmentation

This course is a dimension of the psyche common to each of us. The program curriculum enables students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the process of psychological transformation,  which leads to the realisation of a greater personality or beyond the roles we play and masks we wear.

This process of counseling psychology is the ultimate focus of ‘how’ the client has represented the information in their cognition, field and timeline, it is the study of subjective experience and personal mythology. Inspired by the explicit structuring, patterning of neuro-linguistics and the interplay of Gestalt, this course is a a rigorous, creative exploration and study of archetypic tableau and movements, through the lens which is aimed at examining therapy as a definitive structure from the meta and to study how the soma participates. 

To those participating in this Practitioner’s Diploma, the course provides its students with a range of theories, skills, and practices they can apply directly to their professional and personal life while addressing the collective challenges and opportunities of life. 


Peer review

Live practice sessions and demonstrations

Every concept is backed with a tool and an underlying skill to support its practice and acuity. each tool is demonstrated live and then in break-out rooms it is practiced and peered both at the same time, so that there is actual hands on intake of the same in the muscle.


Psychology is a pre-requisite in today's time. doesn't matter what you are doing today, we live in a world where tools to maintain state, recognise games & choose influence become mandatory for growth & a sane mental health domain for teams and families. The content in the course will give you a 'one-up' in building relations and growing through life.

Diploma in Counselling Psychology 

Learn new additional

Peer Group &
working pairs

Learn new additional

Notes & reference material

Experts and other study material

Scope of

Assignment &

Skills Development &
therapy tools

Anchor 1

Each Module runs for two months, here is what happens in each module

Week 1 - Recorded Video Comprehension 

Week 2 - Supervised Practice Work  

Week 3 - Two days of four hours each,Live- online Class with Anil Thomas

Week 4 - Literature-Review, Meta-Analysis and Study of Excerpt

Week 5 - Recorded Video Comprehension

Week 6 - Practice assignment and Pro-bono sessions 

Week 7 - Two days of four hours each,Live- online Class with Anil Thomas

Week 8 - Assessments and Integration Process


The past has happened and nothing can be done about it or the way it has happened.
There is nothing called as 'unfinished business', other than the fact that you didn't like the way it was finished.
The purpose of psychotherapy is not for any sort of enlightenment about that past which has happened and cannot be changed, its very existence is to explore the dissatisfaction with the present and to then create a desirable future.
- Anil Thomas

Course Syllabus

5  Modules

135 Hours

What you will learn in the 135 hours of Continuous Education Program

Anchor 4

ENROLL NOW to jump start a peer reviewed career progression path on a course of skill transfer of theraputic tools.  

A special curation of practitioners.

You can take advantage of this and benefit from this handpicked batch of students network, this is a unique learning curve on thhe path of neurolinguistics and gestalt therapy.

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Who is this course for?

Practitioners, mental health professionals, psychology students and researchers

Those already in the field of change work and
mental health, counseling & coaching the course
will support you to learn tools to fasten up your work with clarity & ecology.

Aspiring psychotherapists, counselors and those looking to a new career in mental health.

This triple certificate course ranges from basic to advance level, this is all what one would need to get on board this career path. Psychology is a pre-requisite for the future, it is a must know tool, be it professional or personal intervention.

Teachers, HR professionals

This course will support you to build a
better classroom (team) the rich academic 
resource from the course will bring clarity to human behavior & will surface motivation & secondary gain.

Those curious to know how the psyche works (and malfunction) to learn the human code

There is merit in learning human neurology & the code relation between language & neurology. it is a curious approach to know how some achieve more & how some don't even though we all have the same resource.


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Continuous Education Program

Chair & Faculty

Since the inception of Fellowship, programs offered has made a radical commitment to keep the spirit of Richard (Dick) McHugh SJ PhD alive and to be aligned with the latest update and requirement of the field.

This program in particular will hold in the center two major commitments:
1. To open up the very concept of therapy as a structured equation, so that the intervention can be laid down for

    introspection, this will be one massive step to go beyond the past of the client and their narrative of course.
2. To bring the integration and inclusion of many concepts and approaches of tools and techniques of multiple 

    school of thoughts, so that the commitment to the structure of change stays.

The coursework is aligned with the core study of Neuro-lingusitcs and gestalt’s emphasis on the "ineluctable psychological necessity" of Polarity Collapse,
    Core-Transformation,      Neuro-logical alignment          the process by which one might attain deep self-knowledge, further the development of consciousness, and better understand the unconscious factors shaping human experience.




Anil Thomas


Anil is an internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner and Gestalt Therapist. He owes his therapeutic skills to Dr. Richard (Dick) McHugh; SJ. Ph.D.


Anil is a Mentor for the 'International Journal of Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Psychology' (IJNGP)


He conducts the 'Global Certification Courses' based on the Classic (original) Code, integrating the depth alchemy of New code and the 3rd description. He has authored more than 10 books in the space of Neurolinguistics, Mental Health and Gestalt Therapy. Even today, Anil practices therapy and conducts LAB sessions with the Master Practitioners, in that way he continues to contribute and learn simultaneously. 


He was introduced first to NLP in 2007 when he first met Fr. Dick in Mumbai. He then went on to attend many courses with Fr. Dick {Advance, Gestalt, Spirit and Health}. He further learnt NLP with John Grinder himself and other co-developers such as Robert Dilts (USA) & Judith (Judy) DeLozier (Russia). Anil is a serious student of the field and has been blessed with opportunities to conduct sessions internationally as well in Australia, Russia, Hong Kong, Thailand, America, China etc.


He strongly believes in the maxim "It takes two to know one" and he models Judy in his training career.

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What's it all about?

This is a 'Continuous Education Program' to be delivered over 15 months in mental health, counselling and psychotherapy. It is a course specially designed for mental health professionals, counselors, HR personals, teachers and Practitioners for their career progression, skill acquisition, monitored practice work and research. 

Human behavior is a curious subject, the more we know about our intentions and motivations, we have progressed and gone beyond all understanding. This course is uniquely designed to learn multiple school of thoughts, perspectives and presuppositions so that the students of the subject could support change work with more sustainability with better & latest tools and techniques.

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Ready to upgrade?

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For information regarding counselling diploma please contact  +91 8097889619 or

Counselling Diploma

Registration opens shortly. Hurry up !

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Neuro-linguistics and Gestalt Therapy

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