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Anil Thomas Fellowship

Communities are an important aspect of the human social life. Through the Anil Thomas Fellowship, we aim towards creating a platform which will enable the NLP & Gestalt community to thrive, learn and share these tools to enrich the human experience.

Anil Thomas fellowship is for each one of them who have ever been on this learning and growing journey with Anil Thomas. It's built over the last 7 years since 2013 on faith, trust and hope. This community stays connected through the various bridge courses and other activities being conducted. And through these interactions participants get to know each other and the community grows.

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The community stands for an academic journey of being a serious student of life where one meets, practices, learns and upgrades each other to stay committed on the path. 

This community is a place where one can vouch for another as they stand by each other like the redwood circle in the forests to learn, support, evolve and sponsor one another. It's used to help one another evolve and grow. 

It's like an extended family. It's making this world a better place, for you, for me, for the entire human race - in small ways like Michael Jackson says. That's what the fellowship is about. 

The subject belongs to the 4 giants - Gregory Bateson, Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson and Fritz Perls. And from them it comes down to John Grinder, Richard  Bandler, Steve Andreas, Judith Delozier, Leslie Cameron and Robert Dilts.


The subject is ever evolving and being transferred from the very first time we thought of what is an NLP cognition to the latest third and now to the fourth description. 

The topics of NLP are now being recognized and accepted in most journals, they've been recognized as formal pieces of psychology. 

It's also to know that I am because you are. It's a ubuntu in many ways. We are only as much as the communities we want to build and belong to.

Anil Thomas NLP
Anil Thomas NLP

By learning more skills, more practice arenas and grow in the intention to come together to enhance your personal skills, interpersonal skills, business opportunities and grow everything that you are looking forward to building.  

This is a unique approach with the reason and motivation to ensure that everyone is in the fold, to reach out to as many as possible to build this community...


And create a world where we want to belong.

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Learn and Grow with a community that supports you and thrives on academia, research and practice

Practice regularly the skills, tools and methodology. upgrade to a whole new level of self with books, training and research work. ATF is here to support the learning of advance skills with its inbound methodology and community support so that so that we can live healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful lives – and in the process we could support others do the same as well.

Academic Research Program
Global Certification Program
Integrated Diploma Program
Advanced Intervention Skills using NLP & Gestalt Psychology
Professional Therapy Program
Advanced Skill Development
Continuous Education Program
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