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Remember the insignificance of your insecurities

Only when you seek does what you seek, seek you back. Independent of job labels, everyone can be a seeker. Anyone who doesn’t change will always remain in one position similar to a grain with no growth.

Leaders need to be daring and cross bridges that are unknown to be successful post times like Covid 19 because it will transform the business environment. The categories that will survive are who will invest in themselves, do the different rather than the old and look beyond economics. 

Close identification with light means a close identification with the self. Anything in the path of light means shadow similar to negative self-talk. The moment definition goes away is when only light is left- light leaves no shadow

Learn from childrens imaginations. The more young someone is, the more unique he is. Positive psychology implies that absence of disease is not health. Brain experiences happiness advantage when mind gives more creativity and works on more positives

When you are in conflict, there is always a third party watching what is happening. Arjunas inner conflict gives birth to a Krishna. As soon as a change is seen, magic to the third one is given and so a dilemma and inner conflict is important

Acknowledgement of positive things is done in every language because it is an inherent trait. Research shows this trait increases quality of life. Saying prayers like Thank you for walking with us in every spirit of season shows gratitude.

We know ourselves through the relations we have with others. These costumes are what help me remember sponsorships. It is only after peeling the layers- do I see the core, the raw you that is breathtaking. 

I am the embodiment of my intuition. My experiences are trustworthy so my embodiment is authentic and not a performance. I can know from my experience the truth of what i am thinking. This is not a performance but who I am

Great inventions are construct of commitment and dedication to pursue dreams. Everything we see around is duplication of what happened in peoples mind- manifestation. A painter dreams his painting then paints his dream.

The gap shows how close you are to your core. Self confident people stay positive and have the ability to accept themselves as they are. Self esteem is what my personal self imagine like. We don’t inherit it.

After studying people in different fields, it is predictable who stays and who grows. People who really develop are those with grit- passion- perseverance and stamina. Day in and day out being committed no matter what domain of life that is in to make the future into  a reality. 

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