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Shadow Work, Shadow Enmeshment, Shadow & Dreams

Anil Thomas Fellowship

presents a two day in-person course

Shadow, Dreams & Underworld

A Gestalt Approach on
Exploring the shadow enmeshment & sculpting the new evolving self
27th & 28th September, 2024
9am to 7:30pm (IST)
Matter possesses the inherent capability to cast shadows; no substance is exempt from this potential. In a similar manner, the ego corresponds to the shadow, much like light relates to shade. Our actions are influenced by our ego, which is the image we project to the world, but it does not fully define who we are! Instead, it represents only a fraction of who we are. Within each of us lies the shadow self, embodying the unappealing and disquieting facets of our personality. This dark side consists of qualities we're afraid to show others, traits that make us feel ashamed or embarrassed. ; Shadow goes by many familiar names : double standards, dark side, disowned self. It includes traits that others have criticised or rejected, as well as those we believe make us unworthy of love. You might feel judgmental, weak, angry, lazy, selfish, or controlling, and you may dislike these aspects of yourself. Sometimes, these traits are buried so deeply that we're not even aware they exist. 
Shadow Work, Shadow Enmeshment, Shadow & Dreams, Guilt & Shame.
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Course Syllabus & Outline

Micro-skills, Powerful Probing & Personal Counselling using Neurolinguistics
 Module 1 
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 Shadow, Identity & Metaphor 

Suppression & repression

Association with shame/guilt/grief

Personal & collective shadow

I & not I

  • ​​

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 Module 2 

 Missing Archetype 

Discovering shadow

Coping mechanism

Avoidance & over compensation

Shadow & Gestalt

  • ​​

 Module 3 
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 Somatic Manifestation of Shadow 

Body & breath

Unfinished Business

Bodily response, communication & symptoms

Emotions, relations & participation

  • ​​

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 Module 4 

 Realisation of Shadow in Dreams 

  • ​​

Communication with the unconscious

Dreams, psyche & metaphors


Sculpting the new evolving self

Course Overview

Shadow Work, Shadow Enmeshment, Shadow & Dreams, Guilt & Shame.
Exploring shadow is a two day certification course aimed at skill development and understanding how events and interaction or even void and absence creates the program of our life, sets filters, rules and establishes value and hierarchies through which we view the rest of our life and landscape, unless acted upon.  The unique part of this certification is that it shares with its participants (a) how to elicit suppression and repression (b) to connect with missing archetypes during growing up process which could be functional, emotional or even physical (c) how coping mechanisms were formed and how it served in self preservation (d) choice points and newer pathways of evolution and sacred path. This course is a supervised session focused on skills and tools for those who want to add gestalt approaches of intervention (shadow enmeshment) in working with their clients.
Participants will learn how to elicit the client’s psychic immune system of defining, defending and behaving around aspects involved sexuality, anger, aggression, vulnerability, envy, deceit, financial ambition or artistic expression. All the feelings and capabilities that are rejected by the ego are exiled into the shadow, and that is what contributes to unknown potential of the darkside (not necessarily evil) like pleasure, guilt, ambition, passivity, etc. This has an implication on the physical body, manifestation of the shadow is a detailed topic we discuss and study in class. And that brings us to the most infamous topic of dreams and underworld, communicating through metaphors and resolving through body and breath work. Touching topics on mythical realities, spirituality and integration of the left behind, disowned, forgotten and lost.

"The evil of our time is the loss of consciousness of evil."
- Krishnamurthi

Anil Thomas, Anil Thomas Fellowship,Shadow Work, Shadow Enmeshment, Shadow & Dreams, Guilt & Shame.
anil thomas, anil thomas fellowship, Shadow course, psychology course, anil thomas courses, training program counselling

Expected Outcomes

This course offers a Gestalt view of the suppressed and repressed parts of the self and personality. The path we take is dissociated and metaphorical to describe these encounters Undergoing Midlife Crisis, The Stygian Hour of Faith, Descending to the Underworld, Confronting Inner Demons, Building Rapport and Ensuring Psychological Safety, Experiencing the Death of the Psyche, Resurrection of the New Self.

During the 21 hours of class, our aim is to share and support the participants with skills and tools of intervention to :  

  • Build rapport and communication with the shadow 

  • Elicit secondary gains (demon) and positive intention (golden)

  • Understand the effect of missing archetype  

  • Holding and acknowledging the dark hour of faith

  • Identify metaphors from the psyche, communicate and immerse 

  • Hold intervention through the gestalt model of shadow work

The shadow is not evil, it has potential! During intervention, the skill is to communicate with the unconscious with rapport to be able to visit archaical resources.

Upcoming Batch in September 2024 (Bangalore)

Date: 27th & 28th September

Time: 9am to 7:30 pm (21 hours)

Location: Ashirvad, Bangalore

Intake: 40 participants
Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline from a recognized University.

Entry requirements: No previous training or experience in Counselling or Counselling Skill required.
Age: 23 and above

Medium of Instruction: English

Programme Fee & Enrollment


Evaluation & Certification

  • One peer review lab with the chief moderator and peer reviewer

  • One literature review

  • Written integration paper (objective and subjective)

Meet Our Key Facilitators

Anil Thomas, Anil Thomas Fellowship, Anil Thomas NLP, Anil Thomas Gestalt
Anil Thomas
NLP Trainer & Gestalt Practitioner
Anil is an internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner and Gestalt Therapist. He owes his therapeutic skills to Dr. Richard (Dick) McHugh; SJ. Ph.D. Anil is a mentor for the 'International Journal of Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Psychology' (IJNGP). Anil conducts the 'Global Certification Courses' based on the Classic (original) code, integrating the depth alchemy of New code and the 3rd description.
Aarti Asrani, Anil Thomas, Anil Thomas Fellowship, Anil Thomas NLP, Anil Thomas Gestalt
Aarti Asrani
NLP Master Practitioner & Gestalt Therapist
Aarti is a NLP Master Practitioner & Gestalt Therapist, TED Speaker, Bestselling Author, Health & Wellness Consultant and a Manifestation Coach.
With over 24 International Certifications in her field, she has authored four books and coached people globally to overcome health, life and emotional issues like finance, stress, migraine, depression, separation, vertigo, anxiety, fear, addictions and more.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

  • The paid fees is not transferable to another batch or cannot be used by another person. Please review the course before enrolling for it.
  • The early bird discount fee is 15000 Rs. To confirm the registration you can make a payment of 5000 Rs, and it's non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • You'll get access to pre-work after paying 10000 Rs of the total fee. Once pre-work access is granted, the 10000 Rs payment won't be refunded.
  • It is absolutely mandatory to clear the balance fee to attend the course.

Whom this course is for? 

This qualification is intended for candidates who want to:

  • ⁠Learn the metaphors from the unconscious while working with dreams.

  • ⁠Learn and practice the theory and skills of shadow-enmeshment.

  • ⁠Incorporate an additional skill-set in their intervention approaches.

  • Elicit somatic manifestation and implication of repressed (suppressed) aspects of self.


This course is recommended for:

  • Counsellors, coaches

  • Therapists, mental health practitioners,

  • Aspiring mental health professionals,

  • Psychology students & researches, and

  • Mental health enthusiasts

Shadow, Dreams & Underworld

A Gestalt Approach on Exploring the shadow enmeshment & sculpting the new evolving self
27th & 28th September
9am to 7:30pm IST
Ashirvad, Bangalore
A 21 Hour in-person course | 4 Modules
Early Bird Registrations are open!



Offer valid for first 30 registrations
anil thomas, anil thomas fellowship, Shadow Work, Shadow Enmeshment, Shadow & Dreams, Guilt & Shame, Anil Thomas

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