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Advance studies and Diploma in Neuro-Linguistics and Gestalt Therapy 

ATF presents multiple opportunities to stay in touch with the subject, practice tools and upgrade to latest in the field, through these bridge courses. Each certificate programme is skill based, the real magic happens when you begin to practice them with self, in trainings or with clients. 


It is a Continuous Education Program that is developed to add new skills and anchor concepts from the depth psychology and alchemy within the domain of Neuro-linguistics and Gestalt therapy.

  • 135 hours, 10 Months 

  • Advance studies, Lit Review & Research

  • Triple certification

This course enhances intervention efficiency, clarifies event-memory distinctions, promotes somatic growth, builds rapport, develops competencies, and recognises negative associations effectively.

  • 21 hours of classroom session 

  • Peer reviewed practice sessions 

  • Access to pre-work & assessments

BISA Certificate Program nurtures awareness of social and personal realities, distinguishes professional intervention, encourages ethical skill use, fosters personal growth, and supports effective interventions.

  • 21 hours of class room session 

  • 10 hours of Additional study material 

  • Peer reviewed practice session


Uncover assumptions' biological impact, transforming attachments that cause suffering. Harness the Immune System's immense potential. NLP Health Modeling empowers illness-to-wellness choices.

  • 4 days of intense work 

  • Working with the immune system

  • co-ordination and balance 


Maintaining therapeutic space amid client challenges, even when they touch the therapist's personal struggles. Embracing reflective empathy, core empathy, and silence in client journeys. Recognizing silence's significance.

  • 1 day in-person session

  • Silent Meditation Session

  • Application of silence in intervention

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Learn and Grow with a community that supports you and thrives on academia, research and practice

Practice regularly the skills, tools and methodology. upgrade to a whole new level of self with books, training and research work. ATF is here to support the learning of advance skills with its inbound methodology and community support so that so that we can live healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful lives – and in the process we could support others do the same as well.

Academic Research Program
Global Certification Program
Integrated Diploma Program
Advanced Intervention Skills using NLP & Gestalt Psychology
Professional Therapy Program
Advanced Skill Development
Continuous Education Program
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