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Anil Thomas

Center for Training and Research in Neuro-linguistics and Gestalt Therapy
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Advance studies and Diploma in Neuro-Linguistics and Gestalt Therapy 

ATF presents multiple opportunities to stay in touch with the subject, practice tools and upgrade to latest in the filed, through these bridge courses. Each certificate programme is skill based, the real magic happens when you begin to practice them with self, in trainings or with clients. 

Counselling Diploma


by Anil Thomas

It is a Continuous Education Program that is developed to add new skills and anchor concepts from the depth psychology and alchemy within the domain of Neuro-linguistics and Gestalt therapy.

  • 135 hours, 10 Months 

  • Advance studies, Lit Review & Research

  • Triple certification

What will you learn:

Matrix and psychodrama 

Movement and static metaphors 

Advance Blue Print resolution



by Anil Thomas

Modelling is the core activity, and it is the spirit of NLP. Everything we do is modelling. at the core of its being is competency, to be able to identify genius, then to capture and describe its transferability. 

  • 26 hours of academia 

  • Peer reviewed practice sessions 

  • Support group and modelling project

What will you learn:

Implicit and explicit model of modelling

Model through capability and beliefs 

SCORE and TOTE models

NLP and Health Consciousness


by Anil Thomas & Aarti Asrani

Our body is capable of healing itself when we get out of its way with limited possibility thinking and incongruent self talk. The psychological concepts and exercises demonstrated are research based and applications of Neuroscience. 

  • 4 days of intense work 

  • Working with the immune system

  • co-ordination and balance 

What will you learn:

Build new synaptic connections

Increasing the range of flexibility & motion

Having more choice of possibility

Beyond Programming


by Anil Thomas

An introductory course in Neuro-Linguistics (NLP-101), 'Beyond Programming’ intends to work with ‘state-management’ and ‘internal programs’  of the client.

  • 16 hours of class room session 

  • 10 hours of Additional study material 

  • Peer reviewed practice session

What will you learn:

Study of cognitive and limbic organisation

Transformational Change Model (TCM)

Understanding narratives 

Art and Science of Coaching


Art and Science of Coaching 
NLP is a model to build models, one of the finest and the most effective tools used in working with change
-work when a Well-Formed-Outcome is defined.

  • 12 hours of study class 

  • learn with Judith Delozier

  • Group demonstrations & practice work

What will you learn:

Core tools for quick change work 

Resilience through COACH model 

Alignment and future pacing

by Judith DeLoizer

Archetypal Journey


by Anil Thomas

Concepts and practices from Gestalt Therapy (GT-101), 'Archetypal Journey’ is about the study of polarities, roles and thresholds.

  • Skills of therapy

  • Understanding hemispherical nuances

  • ​Balancing the polarities

What will you learn:

Integration of polarities 

Touching the threshold and enmeshment

Hemispherical nuances 

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Learn and Grow with a community that supports you and thrives on academia, research and practice

Practice regularly the skills, tools and methodology. upgrade to a whole new level of self with books, training and research work. ATF is here to support the learning of advance skills with its inbound methodology and community support

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With skills, tools and techniques of the latest that happens in the field of Neuro-Linguistics and Gestalt, this is your change to learn and practice advance skills.

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