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Between The Raindrops

Between the Raindrops unfolds as Anil's enchanting odyssey, guided by the wisdom bestowed by the venerable Fr. Richard "Dick" McHugh. Within the embrace of this transformative session, a tapestry of insights is woven, each thread finding its place in the tapestry of Therapy.

Step into a realm where the world takes on the hues of pioneers such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, entwining seamlessly with the mystique of mythology and spirituality. This session is a sanctuary for kindred souls on a quest for the profound. Traverse this luminous path and allow the quietude within to reveal the answers that reside there.

Psychotherapy and Mindfulness

Silence is so potent, Fritz says it is available in the ‘here-and-now’. The here and now is the only place where we can access the potency of ‘this’ silence. During the one-day session one of the aspects we attempt to discover together is ‘what is noisy, yelling and calling for attention, when silence is invited’ and then to recognize the various games, possessions, ambitions, promises and addictions we use to fill silence up with.

"Every individual is born with an instinct predisposed to experience feelings of 'reverence and awe' towards the mysteries of existence and the grandeur of the universe."

- Anil Thomas

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During this session, we intend to work through the following :  

  • Ability to hold the space during therapeutic intervention, especially when the presenting problem of the client rubs the demons of one of the holograms of the therapist. 

  • To be aware of reflective empathy. 

  • Understanding the core structure of empathy and silence in the process and journey of the client’s psychodrama.

  • The role of silence in intervention and to understand (a) who brings in the silence and (b) whose need is it to break the silence. 

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Many dimensions in a therapeutic intervention

Therapeutic intervention is a temporal dimension in a spatial existence having cognitive participation for a somatic experience that frees the psyche of entanglements in the neurotic. This space provides a ‘dwelling’ that harbours safe space, to harness resources just enough to annihilate psychological disorders, splits, fragmentation, grief, rage, doubt, shame, guilt terror, confusion perplexity, confusion, bewilderment, etc. 

Therapy is a path that is taken by the client and the therapist together, unfolding over time; an intrinsic relation that supports the client to view their landscape, deconstruct, reconstruct and discover newness and access forgotten paths. Not only does each client experience therapy differently, but it transforms the client and the therapist completely.

Step into this sacred space only if you find solace in the embrace of silence. If you are at peace with the gentle hush that surrounds you, then you are most welcome.

Use Earphones/headphone for better experience.

This session is recommended for:

  • Therapists, coaches, counsellors,

  • Mental health professionals, enthusiasts.

  • Psychology Researcher.

  • Clinicians

Come in only if you are okay with silence 

Want to work with advance therapy skills of empathy, imediacy and silence holding client's search for meaning.

Learner Outcomes

  • Ability to hold difficult conversations, events, contexts with self & client.

  • State of silence amidst chaos.

  • Ability to elicit hologram that brings in disparity in order to work in detail.

  • Rapport with unconscious.

  • Learn transferable skills in grounding activities.

Real work is completed in silence and strikes a chord in the minds of only a very few.
- Carl Jung
Gestalt Approaches to Life & Counselling Practice
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