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Meet Our Therapists

What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candour, more unashamed conversations.

- Glenn Close

Therapists on panel

Aastha Kamra

Psychologist (Clinical), NLP Master Practitioner, & Gestalt Therapist

Aastha Kamra is a counsellor and trainer psychologist with over 5 years of experience, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology, NLP Mastery, and Gestalt therapy. She has garnered much experience by being associated with top-notch institutions like Apollo Hospital and Thane Mental Hospital. She has extensive experience working with people in distress, navigating workplace woes, overcoming phobias, battling depression, or finding the right balance in relationships and parenting, and life at large.

Aastha has her private practice called Fortitude, where she brings her wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, armed with a life coach's touch, as well as training and understanding of CBT-REBT and Positive Psychology. She also has a diploma in child psychology and has worked with organisations such as Umang Foundation Trust and Life Forward Foundation.

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Kinjal Jain

Clinical Psychologist, Gestalt Therapist, & Psychotherapist

Currently pursuing a Ph. D. In Clinical & Health Psychology, Kinjal M Jain is a trained Clinical Psychologist and a Psychotherapist.

Her specializations are Integrative Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Somatic Psychotherapy and Expressive Arts-based therapy. She’s also a Master Gestalt Practitioner, CBT Practitioner, Alternative Medicine Practitioner & Transpersonal Regression therapist.

As the Founder of Mending Mind, a mental health organization, she works on bringing in a holistic approach towards her clients so they can carry forward the beauty of the process beyond what they were looking for. Mental health awareness being one of her foremost aims, she also curates uniquely designed workshops that focus on the well-being of corporates, schools, hospitals, NGOs & clubs.


Maitri Thakker

Clinical Psychologist, RE-CBT practitioner, & NLP Practitioner

Maitri Thakker is a Clinical Psychologist, RE-CBT practitioner, and NLP Practitioner. 

She specialises in psycho-diagnostics and clinical assessment and helps treat a range of mental health disorders. Maitri uses an eclectic and holistic approach in her practice using techniques from various approaches that are most suitable to her clients. Along with her experience as a psychologist, she has also finished a Bachelors in Psychology, a Masters in Clinical Psychology, and is currently pursuing a Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology. 

Additionally, she has pursued several short term courses in REBT, CBT, TA, and NLP.

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Nishul Gupta

Counselling Psychologist, Gestalt Master Therapist & Certified Career Counsellor

Nishul Gupta is a Counselling Psychologist with experience in leading various projects, delivering sessions, and a history of working for awareness drives and taking active measures to psycho-educate people using different art mediums like dramatics and dance. 

Nishul has a Masters in Clinical Psychology, and more than four years  of experience in the field of mental health with expertise in areas of lifestyle diseases, stress, anxiety, career guidance, emotional neglect, grief and bereavement, self-exploration and identifying concerns, emotional regulation, attachment patterns, and unresolved inner conflicts, couple and relationship counselling, trauma counselling and therapy, drug and porn related addictions, body image and self-esteem concerns. He is also a trained Gestalt Master Therapist and a Certified Career Counsellor with the elective approach of CBT, REBT, Expressive Art Therapies, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Psychodrama, and Behavior Therapy.

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Sanjyot Hardikar

Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist

Sanjyot Hardikar is a Clinical Psychologist and has learnt various modalities over 16 years of her practice, including clinical hypnosis, dance movement therapy, Gestalt  therapy, play, theatre and art based therapy. She uses an eclectic approach in working with her clients.

Sanjyot is currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology as well as running her private practice as a special educator, remedial therapist, and integrated hypnotherapist, and she is involved in freelance training and student counsellor from several esteemed institutes.


Shreyash Chhajed

Clinical Psychologist (MPhil clinical psychology RCI)

Shreyash Chhajed is an RCI Registered Clinical Psychologist with over 5 years of work and training experience in the field of mental health. He has experience in dealing with people having various emotional, behavioural and psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, sexual dysfunctions and other non-clinical concerns as well.

Shreyash follows a multi dimensional and evidence based approaches which includes Gestalt Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, and Dialectical behaviour 

Aastha Kamra
Kinjal Jain
Maitri Thakker
Sanjyot Hardikar
Shreyash Chhajed
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