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JUNE 25th,2022
8pm - 11pm IST

Productivity & Mindfulness

3  Hours With Anil Thomas

Mid-Course Correction

Coming soon Jan 2023: Manifest your Goals

It is your time to make ‘A new choice’ 

Your choices are half your chances

Every choice will have a consequence, indecision is the thief of opportunity. 

To those who decide and act in alignment, the world manifests into newer realities.

Today is ‘That’ day 

Every day is a new day, a new opportunity

It is time you take the first step in realising your dreams and let go of the narratives that stops you from bringing those dreams to life – so you could now achieve your most ambitious goals and create a life you truly love in 2022!

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- Identify your purpose.

- Go beyond the disparity.  

- Cultivate an unstoppable mindset.

- Breakthrough any limitation.

- Build relations and delegate with responsibility.

- Align your actions with your passion.

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Make this year about you 

When we are willing to see this world beyond our cognition, there is a lot more available that is beyond our computation. Now that is the real manifestation, to be able to look beyond our introjection, projection and understanding. 

The laws always work. 

This is a tool based success program for three hours. 

I remember my teacher telling me in class once, 

He said and I quote,

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. 

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Are you ready 

to see what else is possible that you have not considered yet ?

are you .. ?

Blackened Paper

In this three hour session you will get the
tools and technique you need to :

Effectively check you day and monitor it

Set goals, map mission

Delegate with responsibility

Know the roles and unconscious models

Categorise and communicate

Liberate the unconscious blocks

Create a meaningful life with ease

Have the clarity to know ‘whose goals are these 

All of 3 hours ‘focused on you

Here’s an opportunity and this is going to be your chance to spend three powerful hours focused entirely on YOU and what you need to do to unlock your full potential and achieve your highest vision for your life.

You will gain valuable clarity around these fundamental questions :

What is the role I identify with the most 

What are my values, beliefs, and hierarchies 

What is important to me in the things that I do

What are the patterns that keep repeating in my life

What are my strengths and what are my weaknesses 

How do I delegate with responsibilities 

How to go from where I am to where I want to be 

What are my goals and how come I decided to have them as my goals



June 25th 2022



08:00pm to 11:00pm IST

(3 hours)


General Access - 2650/-

Special Access - 5500/-



Live and Virtual 



+91 8097889619


Manifest your Goals

JAN 2022


The Texture and Nature of Goals


Roles & Goals 


Values, Beliefs & Hierarchy 


Zooming in & Zoom Out


Role Disparity 

Mid-Course Correction

JUNE 2022


Thrive Drive


Auditing, Life, Roles & Goals




Alignment & Core


Mid-Course Correction

your dreams !

It’s time to take a massive bold step towards


The future is here and its already. This is the future from the past. When the future arrives, are you welcoming it with old paradigm and old set of believes OR are you updating your live, the way we update our apps, so that we are ready for a future that is so different from the past.

So,how does it work?

What to Expect

Commit to a weekend of June '22
to a Live, Virtual & Interactive Event


Once you make up your mind to act in that direction of your vision, and when you enroll, you get access to a bunch of study material and videos to assist you with a thought provoking alignment process. 

Anil’s sharings and activities in class are highly interactive and must be experienced in real time, which means you have to got to attend all of the training sessions live of course. 

As with everything in life, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.  

This workshop will work, only if you will work the tools you get from the workshop. 

Participation is KEY and we expect you to play full out! 

Rest assured, Anil and his team will be there for you at every step of the way.

I Have attended Anil’s class


ENROLL NOW and get the recorded course
for your review for one year

For a short time only. 

You can take advantage of this and benefit from the review of the 

course even after the course throughout one whole year

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Productivity and Mindfulness 

Mid-Course Correction in June Is already here

It is for you if : 

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You are committed and want to break free

 of old patterns

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You have the time, money, the interest to   bring in a new life

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You are a committed student of life and committed enough work the tools and techniques of the workshop

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There’s so much you want to accomplish but you aren’t sure how to make it all happen

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There’s so much you want to accomplish but you aren’t sure how to make it all happen

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You are prepared to take action

You are willing to take full responsibility of your life and is willing to audit it with a new paradigm.

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It is not for you if :

You are not ready and have an excuse or a reason that is counter to the course outline

You think you do not have the time or any other     resources

This is not what you are looking for at this point and time in your life

You don’t have access to a computer with a working camera and microphone

You've already achieved maximum levels of success and fulfillment

Ready To Go To a New Level ?

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Create lasting connections with

other motivated game-changers and master practitioners 

Robert K was right in every way when he said, that your net worth is directly proportional to your network, let me add a little more to that, it is not just the ‘network’, but the relation and interaction you have with your network is what matters.

Here in the session, each participant will be exposed to a lot of high performing individuals and this becomes opportunity enough to reach out to them and learn from them. 

A big part of learning is ‘learning through observation’, and in NLP, we call it modeling. 

Most people I have seen in my class room are open to change, willing to see things through a new lens, inspired, and visionary individuals who are eager to achieve ambitious goals in their lives.

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