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Integrated Diploma Program


This is a detailed course on developing skills, learning the newest tools & anchoring the concepts of deep psychology & alchemy. Spread over two months, each module is well thought & designed to equip participants with the necessary tools.

01. Pre- work

Pre- requisite | 25 Hours

  • Organisation of memory & LSIP

  • Concept & vision from basics of counselling

  • Fundamentals of one session therapy

  • Role disparity & identity contamination

  • Discovering character, personality & behaviour

  • Psychotherapy & mindfulness

  • Eliciting the flashes

  • Pre- reads to elementary concepts 

02. Course Syllabus

07 Modules | 135 Hours

Module 1: 
Basic Intervention Skills & Approaches

- Empathy & sponsorship
- Structure & process of intervention
- Micro-skills lab
- Perception theory & GDD
- Structure of silence & psychotherapy
- Calibrating sensory acuity
- Models of information processing

Module 2: 
Gestalt Approaches & Systematic work

- Archetypic constellation 
- Structure, movement & direction of Gestalt
- Relation hierarchy & representation in the matrix
- Nature & texture of psychodrama
- Grounding techniques & coach state
- Polarities & unfinished businesses
- Identity, self-concept, self-esteem, peer relation

Module 4: 
Inner Landscape
{texture & threshold}

- Archetypic role, role disparity
- Timeline correction & historic representation
- Early models & eliciting impacts
- Relation, emotion, expression & verbalisation
- Autonomy, agency & choice points
- Assertive communication & ecology
- Concepts of personality & personality development

Module 5: 
Eliciting & resolving blocks (normal & abnormal)

- Advanced process of counselling
- Understanding Mental Status Examination (MSE)
- Resistance of commerce (blocks & closure)
- Identifying difficulty in regulation of emotions
- Holding the container & multiple description
- Processes to enable & collaborate with clinical work
- Understanding developmental impacts

Module 3:
Advanced Model of Intervention 

- Neurological alignment
- XY axis of intervention
- SC-R-OE model
- Representational system & inner neurology
- Three point attention & somatic syntax
- Meta programs & underlining hierarchies
- Neuropsychological basis of learning & memory

Module 6: 
Structure of impact & trauma elicitation

- LSIP installation & cue flashes
- V(A)K + D
- Structure & concept of addiction
- Timeline sorting & re-imprinting
- PTSD & distortion through timeline
- Movement through matrix (association & dissociation)
- Shame, guilt: death of the archetypal parent

Module 7: 
Linguistic patterns, metaphors & breath work

- Language patterns & cognitive representations 
- Structure of change, future pacing & ecology check
- Unconscious rapport & competencies
- Presence through voice & calibration of breath
- Therapeutic metaphors & process metaphors
- Isomorphic metaphors & third position
- The Big Five Factor model

03. Research attachment

Certification course | 3 month (optional)

Academic Research on Counselling Psychology: Concept, Theory, Application & Therapeutic intervention. 

Presenting a Research Proposal 

A planned study aimed at investigating a specific question or phenomenon.

Annotated bibliography, citation & referencing - APA format

A comprehensive evaluation of existing research, combining the results of multiple studies to interpret data.

Methodology & Survey + working with the Peer Team

A systematic approach & tools to collect & analyse data in collaboration with the peer team.

Literature Review, Meta Analysis & Statistical Understanding

A comprehensive overview of relevant literature, giving credit to sources in APA format.

CD- syllabus

Please note: This training program is not a certification for becoming a counsellor as it is in no way making you one. This is a skills training course for people who would like to add microskills to their practice from the domain of Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Therapy.

Next Batch starts in Jan 2024 
Admissions are openApply now to check vision alignment to join the program.

Integrated Diploma Program

Access to Pre-work content

Peer Group &
working pairs

Learn new additional

Supervision lab session

Excerpts & other study material

Scope of

Assignment &

Masterclass, self-work & additional video series

The past has happened & nothing can be done about it or the way it has happened.
There is nothing called as 'unfinished business', other than the fact that you didn't like the way it was finished.

The purpose of psychotherapy is not for any sort of enlighte
nment about that past which has happened and cannot be changed, its very existence is to explore the dissatisfaction with the present & to then create a desirable future.

- Anil Thomas

Program Fees & Enrollment


The Integrated Diploma Program (IDP) is for INR 1,10,000 (all incl.).
Special Invitation Fee INR 84,000 (all incl.) for
 first 20 registrations.
(Instalment plan is available.)

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