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Integrated Diploma Program

Course Structure & Timeline

The advanced 10-month counselling course represents a significant academic milestone, designed to provide a robust and comprehensive education in the field of therapy and counselling. It stands out by encompassing not only theoretical concepts but also an extensive array of microskills, tools, and techniques, thereby facilitating a profound understanding of counselling. What distinguishes this program is its steadfast commitment to not only disseminating knowledge but also emphasising its practical application. We actively foster experiential learning through internships and personal work, enabling participants to bridge the theoretical-practical gap effectively. Meticulously crafted and characterised by academic rigour, this counselling program is thoughtfully structured to deliver exceptional educational quality, equipping participants with the skills and expertise necessary for excellence in the realm of counselling and therapy.

Curriculum Framework


Monthly concept lecture with Anil Thomas

This encompass topic explanation, group demos, breakout evaluations, debriefing, Q&A, and practical application, with personalised one-on-one sessions from the eyes of humanistic thought applying Gestalt and NLP.


Peer supervision and practice session

Peer supervision and practice sessions are essential for reinforcing learning and enhancing practical skills. Participants are allocated in groups to practice tools taught in that week's concept lecture, with a supervisor providing guidance and debriefing.


Gaining experience through internship

A 50-hour internship tailored to participants' career goals, whether in research, academia, teaching, or counselling. Participants find mentors independently, gaining specialized experience and submitting a completion certificate.


Integration and supervision lab

This comprises an integration evaluation and supervision lab for each module. It assesses knowledge through written exams and oral vivas, alongside practical skills via demonstrations.


Recordings and videos

Recognizing the importance of watching recordings, this provides access to invaluable materials. Participants receive edited classroom lectures for each module and supplementary content related to ancillary topics.


Reading reviewing

This highlights reading and reviewing, promoting a broad understanding of concepts and diverse perspectives. Participants are encouraged to read 15-20 books, with 10 as compulsory textbooks for the program, supported by monthly open-book written tests for ongoing learning.



Self-work is what makes a better interventionist, to become more effective in a therapeutic setting. Participants are encouraged to engage with multiple therapists of their choice to explore different styles and address arising issues and triggers while working with clients.


Research attachment

Research serves as a critical aspect for developing and contributing to the field's knowledge base. Participants are encouraged to write an APA-style article, with optional mentorship, in the field of counseling, therapy, NLP, and Gestalt.

Program Fees & Enrollment

The ‘Integrated Counselling Skills Diploma Program (ICS-DP) s for Rs. 110000 (all incl).
Special Invitation Fee INR 84000 (all incl) for the first 20 registrations.
Instalment plan is available.


The meticulously crafted ten month program adheres to a defined timeline, promoting advanced learning

Pre-work video lectures & reading material.png


Accredited by International Journal of Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Psychology (IJNGP)
Accreditation represents a hallmark of excellence in professional education, where a course is meticulously evaluated by an authoritative body to affirm its quality, relevance, and adherence to stringent academic standards.

1. Course completion certificate from Anil Thomas Fellowship

ATF certificate.png

3. Certificate of completion in ‘Basic Counselling skills and Approaches’ from Anil Thomas Fellowship

Basic Counselling Skills & Approaches.png

2. Certification stating the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) from IJNGP of the published research work

IJNGP Certificate with DOI number.png

4. Certificate of completion in ‘Trauma Responses, Behaviours and addictions’ from IJNGP 

Trauma Certificate.png
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