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Terms and conditions

1. Cancellation Policy

The platform absolves itself of any responsibility for paying cancellation charges incurred by clients. This means that if a client needs to cancel a counselling session, they will be solely responsible for any fees or charges imposed for the cancellation. In the event of needing to cancel a session, clients are instructed to directly contact their counsellor. The platform does not facilitate or manage cancellations on behalf of the client. The primary role of the platform is to connect clients with suitable mental health professionals who can provide counselling services. It is not involved in the financial aspects of counselling, including cancellations, refunds, or payment disputes. Decisions regarding payment charges, refunds, and cancellation fees are entirely within the counsellor's jurisdiction. The platform plays no role in determining or influencing these financial matters.

2. Payment

The mode of payment for counselling services and the specific charge per counselling session are matters to be negotiated and agreed upon between the client and their respective counsellor. The platform does not provide any recommendations or guidelines regarding the appropriate charge for a counselling session. It does not intervene in the pricing structure set by counsellors. The platform's primary responsibility is to connect clients with suitable mental health professionals. It does not participate in discussions related to payments or session fees. The client's financial arrangement with the counsellor, including the mode of payment and session charges, is entirely the client's responsibility.

3. Duration

  Counselling sessions facilitated through the platform are typically of standard duration, ranging from 50 minutes to one hour. The specific duration may vary based on the counsellor's approach, the individual needs of the client, and the discretion of both parties as agreed by both. The platform ensures that clients have access to mental health professionals who can accommodate these standard session durations. However, it is essential for clients to discuss their session duration preferences with their counselor to ensure that their specific needs are met during each session.

4. Mode of Counselling

   The choice of counselling mode (e.g., in-person, phone, video, chat) is flexible and contingent upon the preferences and availability of both the client and the counsellor. The platform does not dictate or impose a specific mode of counselling on clients. Instead, it allows clients and counsellors to mutually agree on the most suitable mode based on individual circumstances. This flexibility enables clients to access counselling services that align with their comfort and convenience while accommodating the counsellor's preferred methods.

5. Emergency Contact

In situations where clients may require immediate assistance due to a crisis or urgent mental health concerns, it's crucial to outline how they can access emergency support. The specific contact details for emergency services or crisis hotlines should be made available to clients, ensuring they have access to help when needed. Providing clear and accessible emergency contact information demonstrates the platform's commitment to the safety and well-being of its clients.

You are not alone, in case of emergency 24X7 helpline numbers are available:


Vandrevala Foundation 

(186) 02662345

and 9999 666 555 Hours of operation -24×7


Tata Institute of Social Sciences 



Sneha Foundation India

(914) 424640050




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