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One of the Purposes of Modeling is to Support People to 'Do What They Know' and to 'Know What They Are Doing'


Modeling is the core activity that defines NLP. The intention of the class is to bring competency in how to select a model of excellence and then to capture and describe a transferable model of expertise and expert performance. Modeling is a skill and NLP is the structure to build structures. At the end of the course, you will have the structure to model genius. Now if  you have the desire and access, you can learn directly from the source of your resource. 

Standing on the shoulders of giants

22000/- ₹

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


9th-12th Feb




₹ 22000/-




  • Modelling skills to accelerate learning new behaviours

  • How to set clear objectives aligned to the SCORE model 

  • How to approach genius, with a modeling mindset

  • How to ask the right questions to elicit strategies & beliefs

  • Knowing exit strategies , applying TOTE

  • Working in coherence & check ecology

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Research & Development
750+  Students
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Peer Session
Cancellation/ Refund Policy
Standing on the shoulders of Giants
Fees paid is not transferable to another batch or can not be used by another person. Please understand everything about the course before enrolling
Cancellation amount :
100% refund
50% refund
Cancel between : 
Date of enrolment
After access to pre-work given
After access to pre-work given
3 Days before the course
3 Days before the course
Last day of the course
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