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NLP Modelling

Modelling is the core activity that defines NLP. Its intention is to bring competency in how to select a model of excellence, to capture and then to describe a transferable model of expertise and expert performance. We can model any human behaviour (or skills) by mastering the implicit (beliefs), the physiology and specific thought processes (strategies) that underline the skill or behaviour.
  • What is Modeling (Research)

  • Range within the range of modeling

  • Implicit & Explicit modeling patters 

  • Eliciting Sensory to Behavioural traits

  • Aligning with the ‘Patterns & Strategies'

  • Multilevel modeling 

  • Creating a Well Formed Outcome (four blocks)

  • SCORE Inventory model

  • Ecology check for Coherence 

  • Modeling and Logical Levels. 

  • Getting the timing right to TOTE.

  • Modeling project (limbic system) 

  • Self modeling (Regression and Progression) 

  • Method acting (modeling project)

  • Modeling at the level of capability & Belief

  • Modeling the patterns of Language

Expected Outcomes
  • More choices in behaviours a particular context where initially the participant felt otherwise. 

  • Improved results, relationships and resilience.

  • Ability to set frames : Leading and Managing core Emotional State during high stake situations.

  • To be able to observe structure, patterns and strategies in genius. 

  • Finding the duplicatable code in personal genius (Self modelling)

Who's this course for?
  • Coaches, Counsellors & Mental Health Professionals and NLP practitioners

  • Individuals with a desire to learn, upgrade and grow

  • Psychology Students & Researchers

  • HR and L&D Professionals

Course Preview
What to Model?
Setting the intent
The gift of separating people from behaviours
₹ 7900/-
8 hours of video course
E-book on NLP Modelling
Online Access for a year
At the end of the course, you will have the structure to model genius. Now if  you have the desire & access, you can learn directly from the source of your resource.
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