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Unlocking Health and Happiness

A 3-Hour Transformational Journey

Slash Stress by 50% and Elevate Your Mental Well-Being 

Using the Power of Neurolinguistics (NLP)

Without Medication and Therapy

Many of us may find ourselves entangled in the illusion that happiness resides in far-off places, within material possessions, or through the relentless pursuit of external recognition. While this may ring true for some, for many, it becomes a ceaseless rollercoaster ride of emotional peaks and valleys, mirroring the ever-shifting external world.


Our surroundings are in a perpetual state of flux, and anchoring our happiness solely to these external circumstances inevitably impacts our emotional well-being and overall health. Astonishingly, a staggering 98% of the ailments we encounter stem from unresolved emotions that have nestled themselves within our bodies, causing dis-ease. Therefore, the path to an abundant, fruitful, and healthier life lies in transforming our minds into a happier place of residence.

In a world where our efforts are often channeled towards external pursuits, imagine the boundless potential

that emerges when you dedicate just five minutes each day to reconnecting with your own body—a holistic embrace of your Mind, Body, and Soul.


This is not a fleeting, quick-fix program, nor is it a one-size-fits-all solution. It won't absolve you of actively engaging in your personal evolution. Instead, it serves as an entryway to your unique transformative journey, one that unfurls in your distinct manner, enriched with insights and epiphanies that beckon you to explore the myriad possibilities within your grasp.

Our surroundings are in a perpetual state of flux, and anchoring our happiness solely to these external circumstances inevitably impacts our emotional well-being and overall health. Astonishingly, a staggering 98% of the ailments we encounter stem from unresolved emotions that have nestled themselves within our bodies, causing dis-ease. Therefore, the path to an abundant, fruitful, and healthier life lies in transforming our minds into a happier place of residence.

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8th November, 2023



10am to 1pm (IST)




Here is what you will discover in the 3 hr session:

  • The Power of Mind-Language Connection: Secret #1 Harness the incredible connection between your mind and the language you use. Learn to reshape your inner dialogue and thought patterns using NLP techniques, enabling you to significantly reduce stress levels. Discover the art of self-talk that promotes resilience, mental well-being and increased happiness.

  • Neuro-Hacks for Emotional Mastery: Secret #2  Uncover the strategies to rewire your brain's responses to stress triggers, allowing you to navigate challenging situations with ease. Gain insights into anchoring positive emotions, reframing negative experiences, and cultivating emotional resilience to thrive in all aspects of life.

  • Somatic Healing Experience: Secret #3 Experience Somatic Movements and Practices to offload the emotions that have been locked into the body. Through mindful movement, body awareness, breathwork, and hands-on techniques, individuals can develop a heightened sense of their bodily sensations and emotions. This therapeutic practice helps release tension, alleviate pain, and promote overall well-being by encouraging clients to explore their unique physical experiences and better understand the intricate relationship between their bodies and minds. Whether addressing chronic pain, stress, trauma recovery, or posture issues, somatic movement therapy offers a pathway to holistic healing and self-awareness.

Brief Curriculum

1: Introduction to Neurolinguistics and Stress Reduction 

  • Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

  • The Impact of Stress on Health and Happiness

  • Setting Personal Goals & Intent for the Program

2: Mind-Language Mastery 

  • Exploring the Power of Language

  • Identifying Negative Self-Talk Patterns

  • Practical Techniques to Reframe Negative Thoughts

  • Guided Group Exercise: Crafting Personal Affirmations

3: NLP Neuro-Hacks for Emotional Resilience 

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding Emotional Triggers

  • Techniques for Anchoring Positive Emotions/ Collapse of Anchors

  • Group Activity: Creating Sacred Space for Health & Happiness

4: Somatic Movements

  • Stress Reduction Strategies for Daily Life

  • Breathing Exercises for Immediate Calm

  • Somatic Movements

  • Developing a Personalized Stress Reduction Plan

  • Q&A and Discussion

5: Exploring Secondary Gains 

  • Secondary Gains and Health

  • Positive Intentions

  • Accessing Possibilities through Imagination\

Additional Access

  • Webinar videoHealth 

  • Language creates experience

  • Download copy of bestselling book Reborn

  • Meditation track: Health

  • Meditation track: Abundance

With the Health and Happiness Program You can Eliminate:

  • Chronic Stress: Learn to effectively manage and reduce stress, leading to a more relaxed and balanced life.

  • Dependence on Medication: With improved well-being, some individuals may reduce or eliminate the need for certain medications, under the guidance of healthcare professionals.

  • Negative Self-Talk: Replace self-criticism and negative self-talk with positive affirmations and self-empowerment.

  • Lack of Purpose: Discover your life's purpose and passion, eliminating feelings of aimlessness or dissatisfaction

  • Poor Sleep Quality: Develop better sleep hygiene practices, improving the quality and duration of sleep.

  • Lack of Mental Clarity: Enhance cognitive function and mental clarity, reducing mental fog and indecision.

  • Recurring Health Issues: Through awareness of the secondary gains you could eliminate recurring health issues that continue to haunt you.

The rewards of participating in this program are extensive

  • A Healthier, Fitter, and Happier You: Achieve a transformed version of yourself, brimming with health and happiness.

  • Increased Productivity: As you learn to  manage your emotions and stress more effectively,you can become more productive at work. You may experience fewer distractions and be better equipped to handle challenging situations, leading to increased efficiency and output.

  • Effective Weight Management: Whether your goal is shedding or gaining weight, experience the joy of effective weight management by building rapport with your body.

  • Stress Reduction & Elevated Energy Levels: Stress is a common issue faced by many individuals. The program's emphasis on stress reduction techniques and increased emotional stability can help employees better manage workplace stress. Reduced stress levels can lead to improved focus, creativity, and problem-solving abilities and thereby elevated energy levels.

  • A Profound Connection with Your Body: Forge a profound and lasting bond with your body, enabling you to manifest the results you've yearned for and the happiness you undeniably deserve.


  • Increase Abundance: A healthier and happier you can translate into heightened focus, productivity, and performance. This, in turn, paves the way for both monetary and non-monetary growth and abundance

  • Say Goodbye to Medication: You can possibly reduce stress by 50% and enhance mental wellness naturally, eliminating the need for medication or traditional therapy.

Moreover, you'll have the opportunity to connect with a like-minded community on this profound journey of self-discovery.

This program is for :

  • Individuals Seeking Emotional Wellness: Those who are looking to address unresolved emotions, reduce stress, and improve their emotional stability.

  • Health Enthusiasts: Individuals who want to achieve better holistic health, increase their energy levels, and explore the mind-body connection.

  • People Managing Chronic Health Conditions: Those with chronic illnesses who are interested in complementary approaches to managing their health and potentially reducing their reliance on medications.

  • Weight Management Seekers: People looking to either lose or gain weight in a healthy and sustainable manner, while also focusing on happiness as an integral part of the process.

  • Wellness and Self-Care Enthusiasts: Individuals who prioritize self-care and are interested in developing a deeper connection with their bodies for long-term well-being.

  • Stress Reduction Seekers: People experiencing high levels of stress in their lives who are keen to find effective ways to reduce stress and promote overall health.

  • Community-Oriented Individuals: Those who value the support and connection of a like-minded community on their journey of self-discovery and well-being.

  • Anyone Interested in Personal Growth: Individuals who are open to exploring their inner selves, gaining insights, and experiencing personal transformation in a unique and meaningful way.

About the Speakers:

Anil Thomas

Anil is an internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner and Gestalt Therapist. He owes his therapeutic skills to Dr. Richard (Dick) McHugh; SJ. Ph.D.

Anil is a mentor for the 'International Journal of Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Psychology' (IJNGP)


Anil conducts the 'Global Certification Courses' based on the Classic (original) code, integrating the depth alchemy of New code and the 3rd description. He has authored more than 10 books in the space of Neurolinguistics, Mental Health, and Gestalt Therapy. To date, Anil practices therapy and conducts LAB sessions with the Master Practitioners, allowing him to continue to contribute and learn simultaneously.


Aarti Asrani

Aarti is a TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author, Law Of Attraction & Consciousness Coach, NLP & Gestalt Master Practitioner, Psychotherapist, & a Health & Wellness Consultant. With over 24 International Certifications in her field, she has authored four books.


Aarti has helped people across the globe to overcome health, life, and emotional issues like finance, stress, migraine, depression, separation, vertigo, anxiety, fear, addictions, and more.

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