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Restoration of The Forgotten Symmetry 

A Multisystem Theraputic Model to Understand Archetypal Approaches & Somatic Mind.

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A Signature Training

Programme on Understanding

Archytaple Approches, Somatic Mind & The Hero's Journey.

Understanding Roles and its Disparity 

Commit to The Calling

Walking through the threshold

knowing the 'Not i' and embracing the shadow

Sculpting the 'New Self'

This 15 hour lecture series (9 hours live online and 3 hours of offline study time) spread over three days, is an integrated course that I have learnt from Dick and Judy both, bringing in their experience of comparative religion and psychology with confession, confrontation and comprehension. 

This is one of the aspects of my continuous study, the understanding of mythology, its connection to psychology so that we could have ecology and better understanding in our relations at home, place of work and other high stake relations. 


This course is an adaptation of Fritz, Jung and Campbell. Very academic and experiential in nature.


There is something more than the visible (the explicits), and it is what lies at a deeper level, its the implicit formulations. Archetypal is going beyond these ‘forms’ to learn, evolve and to create better collaborations, contributions on the continuum.  


When Deeper truth and spiritual journey meets the cognition, It explores the aspects of the roles we play within the many roles we play and how one influences the other, at the same time to know the impedance and interference of one over the other.





INR 18,000/- 


15 hours (including

pre & post work)




+91 8097889619 or


Transform through movement 

Bring in the flow in areas of stuck.

Use it in all areas in any setting imaginable 

The unconscious modeling of belief, behaviors & values at an early age sometimes stays with us. It supports and in some contexts may have unfinished or undesirable experience.

It's time we evaluate these model and strategies, Roles and executions that run in the background, without our conscious awareness. Not only will this clear up space, but also open up newer choices. That will help to support newer thinking, create amazing positive changes in your own life, career & income levels, relations & health.

There aren't any mistakes, only choices.


Course Structure and Syllabus 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Bringing home the scattered

  • Introduction, concept of Archetypal psychology 

  • Beyond gender, understanding the Gestalt of Archetypes 

  • Aspects of interphase, this is where Fritz meets Jung 

  • Divine Masculinity

  • Whore and Madonna Complex

Bringing home the disowned (prodigal son)

  • Shadow, dark side and the hidden 

  • What does the shadow know

  • Shadow in relations 

  • Redeeming our own devil/ demon

Unlock your potential (Hero’s journey)

Bringing home the scattered

  • Archetypal Journey of the Hero (villain) 

  • Heroine's Journey 

  • Learning Psychology through Mythology to bring in Ecology

  • Shadow, dark side and the hidden 

  • What does the shadow know

  • Shadow in relations 

  • Redeeming our own devil/ demon

What do you learn 

(practical based)

What do you learn 
(practical based)

What do you learn 
(practical based)

What do you learn 

(practical based)

  • Knowing the polarity of the two

  • Understanding the voice and the suppression 

  • Taking one to the other and then coming home 

  • Integration of the two 

  • Meeting the unmet desires and drives in high stake relations 

  • Understanding control, dependence and dominance in relations 

  • Getting in touch with the enmeshment 

  • Re-sculpting

  • Getting in touch with intuition and intention

  • Understanding the conflict and finding the strength 

  • Realization of an extraordinary life

  • Knowing the polarity of the two

  • Understanding the voice and the suppression 

  • Taking one to the other and then coming home 

  • Integration of the two 

This course is specifically designed for

Trainers, counsellors
and teachers

Doctors, Mental health professionals and healers

Students of psychology, Researchers and scholars

  • As they meet many individuals, this course will help you in 

    • Design a course 

    • Understand the audience as to how they behave - what they are protecting and seeking  

  • To see the patterns of unresolved issues and as to how they attract the problem state 

  • To be able to ask the right question so that the probing begins very early on the process and not the content.

  • To learn the subject for higher value, deeper connect and for academic curiosity, 

  • To evaluate alternate approaches for subjective analysis and career perspectives

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Modeling from the roles to essence

Alliance and congruence is the key factor to success modeling, to be in ecology to self and field. it comes with  being curious to the messages from the system.

Modeling from the ego to the soul (psyche) is one of the major touch point 
in this course.

This movement is in both figurative level & at the somatic level. Restoration 
of the symmetry is getting in touch with the essence while we play the roles under the many costumes & masters.

As much as the clearing of the mighty oak lies in the tiny oak, we can edit childhood conditioning with adult engineering of participating in the spaces.
change works between rationality & psychology to Re-engineering  'growing up' through the timeline integrating the resources. both new, old & imagined. 

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Participants will get

  • The Archetypal Journey E-book 

  • Worksheets 

  • Pre-work (1.5hrs)

  • Post-work (1.5hrs)

  • One hour free webinar - Topic : Bridges and Barriers

  • Certification Kit (digital)

  • Support group - available on request

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Course Credits: 15

About Anil Thomas

Anil Thomas | Master NLP Practitioner & Gestalt Therapist

Anil is an internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner and Gestalt Therapist. He owes his therapeutic skills to

Dr. Richard (Dick) McHugh; SJ. Ph.D.


Anil is a Mentor for the 'International Journal of Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Psychology' (IJNGP)


He conducts the 'Global Certification Courses' based on the Classic (original) Code, integrating the depth alchemy of New code and the 3rd description. He has authored more than 10 books in the space of Neurolinguistics, Mental Health and Gestalt Therapy. Even today, Anil practices therapy and conducts LAB sessions with the Master Practitioners, in that way he continues to contribute and learn simultaneously. 


He was introduced first to NLP in 2007 when he first met Fr. Dick in Mumbai. He then went on to attend many courses with Fr. Dick {Advance, Gestalt, Spirit and Health}. He further learnt NLP with John Grinder himself and other co-developers such as Robert Dilts (USA) & Judith (Judy) DeLozier (Russia). Anil is a serious student of the field and has been blessed with opportunities to conduct sessions internationally as well in Australia, Russia, Hong Kong, Thailand, America, China etc.


He strongly believes in the maxim "It takes two to know one" and he models Judy in his training caree

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