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Reflections in a Lotus Pond

What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candour, more unashamed conversations.

- Glenn Close

What is counselling?

Counselling, often referred to as talk therapy, involves a trained therapist who attentively listens to individuals and addresses their challenges, whether they are related to self or others, and a client who places trust and shares their challenges with the therapist. 

Counselling can assist individuals in managing:

  1. Mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and eating disorders.

  2. Difficulties arising from bereavement, relationship conflicts, work-related stress, or breakups.

  3. Challenges with understanding and expressing emotions.

  4. Coping with distressing life events.

  5. Various other issues that necessitate professional guidance.

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How does 'Reflection in a Lotus Pond' work


Get matched with a therapist

connect with a qualified professional from the list of  the counsellors.


Have a quick communication

Communicate with the counsellor of your choice  support & guidance


Make an appointment 

Schedule convenient therapy sessions that fit into your commitments


Personalised therapy sessions

Experience tailored therapy sessions offering support.


Mid-course check points

Benefit from regular progress check-ins and evaluations

Why online counselling?

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In online counselling, the therapist encourages clients to openly express their emotions and assists them in delving into troubling or unsettling thoughts. Therapy and mental health interventions can be delivered through audio calls, video calls, and text exchanges, making it highly accessible from virtually anywhere, even from the comfort of your own home.

What we offer

  • Sessions are both comfortable and secure, all within the familiar surroundings of your home or preferred space.

  • Reassurance that sessions are never recorded, safeguarding your privacy.

  • Maintenance of the highest level of client-clinician confidentiality throughout the virtual counselling experience.

How can we help?


Becoming a new parent

Congratulations on becoming a new parent. It's a...


Relationship issues

Congratulations on becoming a new parent. It's a...


Career anxiety

It's normal to feel anxious about your caree...


Sleep problems

We believe that sleep is the key to achiev...


Challenges with family

We believe family is the most important

Meet our Counsellors

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Kinjal Jain

Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Clinical Psychologist, Gestalt Therapist & Psychotherapist


Maitri Thakker


Clinical Psychologist, Gestalt Therapist & Psychotherapist

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Nishul Gupta

New Delhi

Counselling Psychologist, Gestalt Master Therapist & Certified Career Counsellor

Untitled design-47.png

Aastha Kamra

New Delhi, Delhi

Psychology (clinical), Master NLP Practitioner, Gestalt Therapist


Shreyash Chhajed


Psychology (clinical), Master NLP Practitioner, Gestalt Therapist

Untitled design-54_edited.png

Sanjyot Hardikar


Clinical Psychologist

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are our counsellors?

Counsellors on Ripples by Lilies are trained and experienced Psychologists and Counsellors, who have relevant academic degrees in their field and years of experience that adds to their skills and enhances their practice.

2. How do I choose my counsellor?

You have the liberty to select a counsellor according to your preferences and comfort. However, it's crucial to note that different counsellors use different approaches and specialise in various areas. It is essential to find the professional whose appraoches meets your needs. Should you begin the therapeutic process and find that your chosen counsellor is not the right fit, you have the option to explore and select a different counsellor more suited to your preferences.

3. How much does one session cost?

The cost of the session can be a discussion between you and the counsellor you choose. Ripples by Lilies is a platform that helps to connect you with a counsellor, and are therefore, not involved or responsible in the areas involving funds.

4. How do I decide how many session I will need?

The number of therapy sessions you would need is on the discretion of you and your chosen counsellor as it can vary from person to person.

5. What if I want to switch to in-person therapy with my counsellor?

Our team of counsellors are from different geographical locations. The decision to see your chosen counsellor in an offline setting can be discussed with your counsellor.

6. Can I, and how do I, cancel the sessions?

Yes, you can cancel your sessions by contacting your counsellor via the agreed upon communication medium and inform your counsellor accordingly.

Don't just take our word for it

See what people have to say about our therapists.

As someone who was confused about many aspects of my life, I've experienced a deep sense of clarity and relief after therapy. The way my therapist helped me manage my stress and anxiety truly helped me, and I'm grateful for the support I've received.


Therapy was a pleasant surprise! I never thought it would help me so much. All thanks to my therapist.


Working with my therapist has been a game-changer. When my family judged me and my choices, my therapist sure to make me feel safe and not be judgemental. They truly understood what I wanted and I just feel good about myself. 


I had tried therapy before but it didn’t work out. I approached therapy with skepticism, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made for my mental health!


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