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Detailed Overview of ICS-DP

ICS-DP is aimed at developing professionals in the field of mental health from a varied broad range of work in the field of counselling-psychology and therapy; including psychotherapy, assessment, supervision, and consultation, as well as integrative approaches to health, which are informed by the structure of Neuro-Linguisitc perspectives through a psycho-dynamic lens.

It is an innovative specialisation that re-imagines approaches to therapeutic practice, enhances and supports the intervention work of students, and integrates the essential perspectives of neuro-linguistics and Gestalt in the view of inclusive & integrated approaches.

This course will provide a theoretical foundation and practitioner training in the contemporary techniques of therapeutic intervention, which will enhance the students towards mastery of the subject. 

This course provides a seamless journey from beginner to qualified practitioner in experiential, theoretical and research based work in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice. 

At the end of the course, students will complete core modules in experiential theory and professional practice skills.

  • Learn systemic, structured and formula-based therapeutic skills of Neuroliguistics & Gestalt.

  • Learn tools to evaluate blocks in the clients preventing linguistic narratives.

  • Inventory through the concept to challenge the current model, discover resources and support growth & change.

  • learn frequency of physical, emotional, psychological function and somatic experiencing (body, breath, movement & stuckness

  • Explore the thin line between pathology and norm.

  • Learn tools to research and publish a paper.

This is an inclusive approach of bringing to the field the work I learnt from Richard (Dick) McHugh, Judith delozier, Robert Dilts and John Grinder. It is a conceptual, experiential and research based approach from contemporary psychology, that which has travelled over time from some classic approaches of gestalt therapy, the interplay of constellation roles, concepts of Transactional analysis, and deep alchemy of Jung through metaphors and archetypes

Basic Counselling Skills - 101 (18 Hours)
Pre- work (10 Hours)
Live Classroom Sessions with Anil Thomas (80 Hours)
Supervision & Assessments 
(8 Hours + 11 Hours) 
Personal Therapy

Trauma informed course of behaviour, addiction & PTSD (12 Hours)
3 months  Research Attachment (paid/optional)

Eligibility : Post-Graduate in any discipline from a recognized University and (or) 400 hours of certified continuous education
Entry requirements No previous training or experience in Counselling / Counseling Skill required.

Medium of Instruction: English

Age: 25 and above

Progression: Successful candidates after clearing all the requisites may be invited for advance research, training opportunity, content research and counselling references.

Program Objectives

This is an ideal course  for those who seek to augment their own state, resource and collective intelligence so as to acquire Advnaced Counselling skills – to listen, respond through language to their unconscious communications that is available in 5D Matrix.

The key takeaways from the course include the ability to –

  • To be able to elicit the flashes and cue at the earliest.

  • Integrate the therapeutic model of Neurolinguisctis, which was modelled from clinicians such as Fritz perls, Milton Erickson etc.

  • Tools and wisdom to Approach complex issues from multiple perspectives.

  • Develop a network of support and buddy for self and clients. 

  • Regular update of tools, continuous peer review sessions and access to personal therapies.

  • Select your niche and develop your area of research, become a part of the research attachment. 

  • Get additionally certified in “Trauma Responses, Behaviours and addictions


  • Students would be assessed in a variety of ways including: written essays/ articles/ literature-review, group and individual presentations, practice, observations, recorded evaluations and dissertation/ viva, dictation of Pre intervention. 

  • Assessments would be carried out by tutors, mentors, peers and self.

  • All assessments must be completed and students must get the required score in all tasks to be conferred upon by the certification of Diploma Program.

  • Write an integration-Assessment conducted by IJNGP (International Journal of Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Psychology) in order to receive the Diploma certificate.

  • Be supervised for their work and peered accordingly for process, context, and quality of meta states.

Program Fees & Enrollment


Semester ONE :
Basic Counselling skills and Approaches-101 is for Rs. 10500 (all incl).

Early Bird registration discount, INR 8500 (all incl) for the two day - 18 hour course.


Next Batch Starts Jan 2024 to October 2024

  • Admissions to open soon.

  • ​Apply Now to initiate the interview process.

Who's This Course For? .

  • Practitioners, mental health professionals, psychology students and researchers

  • Aspiring psychotherapists, counsellors and those looking to a new career in mental health

  • Teachers, HR professionals and academician

  • Those curious to know how the psyche works (and malfunction) to learn the human code

About the Facilitators

Anil Thomas

Anil is an internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner and Gestalt Therapist. He owes his therapeutic skills to Dr. Richard (Dick) McHugh; SJ. Ph.D. Anil is a Mentor for the 'International Journal of Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Psychology' (IJNGP).

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