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Archetypal Journey

Concepts and practices from Gestalt Therapy (GT-101), 'Archetypal Journey’ is about the study of polarities, roles and thresholds.

What will you learn:
  • Integration of polarities

  • Touching the threshold and enmeshment

  • Hemispherical nuances

-Skills of therapy

-Understanding hemispherical nuances

-Balancing the polarities

What will you learn:
  • Study of cognitive and limbic organisation

  • Transformational Change Model (TCM)

  • Understanding narratives

Beyond Programming

An introductory course in Neuro-Linguistics (NLP-101), 'Beyond Programming’ intends to work with ‘state-management’ and ‘internal programs’  of the client.

-16 hours of class room session 

-10 hours of Additional study material 

-Peer reviewed practice session

NLP & Health
NLP & Coaching by Judith Deolizer
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